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Shanakee is a bespoke adventure tour company with a story at its’ heart.

Founded by Samuel Thomas Brett, a native of Ireland’s ancient landscapes, our Adventure Tours run across the length and breadth of Ireland throughout the year.

“We believe that weaving storytelling into the touring experience creates deep connections between people, landscape, culture and history.”

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Adventure Tours


Join Shanakee for an Epic 12-Day Adventure Tour


Be immersed in stories, castles and folklore


A Legendary 7 Day Adventure Tour of a Lifetime


Edge of the World, 7-Day Tour of Legends

Shanakee Reviews

Cheryl Tompkins

We had a great group of people who all came together with Sam for our Northern Ireland Adventure Tour.  Sam really is an extraordinary person who sang songs, shared stories and showed us the many wonders that is Ireland.  It was a magical experience I will never… Read full testimonial “Cheryl Tompkins”

Jennifer & Steve

Jennifer & Steve

You are called for this work, you are magnificent. Thank you for a truly memorable… Read full testimonial “Jennifer & Steve”

Jennifer & Steve

Alison Ferrara

Alison Ferrara

Sam, thank you so much for an amazing week. You have set the bar pretty… Read full testimonial “Alison Ferrara”

Alison Ferrara

Dick & Dodie

If laughter is the best medicine then you were our Physician. Thank you for putting so much of your energy, knowledge and talents into this unforgettable… Read full testimonial “Dick & Dodie”

Dick & Dodie

Skip & Jean, USA

Thank you for making our trip to Ireland truly memorable. We will think of Ireland in a completely different light from now on. We appreciated your knowledge of history, geology, cultures past and present, flora & fauna and great… Read full testimonial “Skip & Jean, USA”

Skip & Jean

Kathleen, USA

Thanks for a wonderful tour. We appreciate your extensive knowledge, storytelling and sense of humour as well as excellent driving. You made the trip so much MORE than just a… Read full testimonial “Kathleen, USA”


Barbara & Eric, USA

Thank you so much for this lovely week! We enjoyed every aspect of the trip: Your VERY capable driving skills; your knowledge of the history and geography of this beautiful island; but most of all the magic you brought to this experience through your love of music, art and… Read full testimonial “Barbara & Eric, USA”

Barbara & Eric

Linda & Jim, USA

We had such an amazing week and know this experience would not have been as fantastic without you. Your sense of humour, intellect and joy carried us through your country, and you are now part of our memories… Read full testimonial “Linda & Jim, USA”

Linda & Jim

Martha, USA

I could never have dreamed that I would be able to experience Ireland with such an amazing person… Storyteller, artist, keeper of the heart of Ireland. I love your life’s ambition to record your history and stories and wish you all good luck with that journey. Thank you so much for giving me such a rich slice of Ireland to take… Read full testimonial “Martha, USA”